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Salone del Mobile Milano 2016

Salone Satellite

Young Mexican design brand Studio davidpompa
will present in SaloneSatellite from 12 - 17 April 2016
in Pavilion 13-15, Stand D17.

Studio davidpompa was born out of the desire to create contemporary design with a strong commitment to Mexican identity. We work with an ethos of innovating craftsmanship & materials while respecting its heritage.




Launch of handmade Cupallo lamp at SaloneSatellite 2016.

Our new, contemporary pendant lamp combines two traditional Mexican crafts:
handblown glass and spinned brass.

Cupallo uses 100% recycled and hand shaped glass for the lens. Therefore, it has an irregular surface with surprisingly tiny air bubbles enclosed. The glass creates a charming light effect and enhances the light distribution with irregular light flares.

The pendant lamp can be used in an elegant, horizontal arrangement but also in a playful way by hanging them in a disordered chandelier.


Mexican Craft

Contemporary design with Mexican identity & craftsmanship.

Mexico is a rich country in culture and art, but we can see many traditional materials not coming out of their preconception. Our focus lies on local craftsmanship, combining the incredible interesting materials with contemporary design and state of the art technology.

We see a big advantage in local manufactures by creating small collections of exclusive and individual personality that embody Mexican heritage in an outstanding design concept.

We don't focus on working with big companies, we have the commitment to work with the best artisans and professionals in each field.

We see the artisans, communities and companies as partners to create beautiful and high quality products.

Over the last years we tried to achieve a new level of quality in different artisanry by challenging the ways of production to guarantee a wonderful product, piece by piece.