It is a tradition in Mexico to weave products in any product or form. One of the best known is the Acapulco chair that is woven out of plastic strings.

We are working together with "AKELE home", a family company with tradition, experience and incomparable quality on our first collection woven by Mexican artisans. Although the finished product looks simple it takes many steps to create the high quality objects. The plastic strings are produced with high quality basic materials which guarantee durability in and outdoor. First step is the framework which is made by hand and without heavy machines. After that process artisans start weaving with a complex technique to ensure long lasting products.

The strings are produced specially for Studio davidpompa after a process of colour selection. In our first series of products we try to find the purity of this Mexican artisanry and to interpret it in a new way.

"A complex weaving technique with plastic strings from Mexico."