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A light gray-colored natural stone which encloses small fossil remains, giving it a white tone relief.

Our Fiorito, hailing from Puebla, Mexico, is a light gray natural stone adorned with small fossil remnants, lending it a soothing beige tone perfect for contemporary projects. Renowned for its historical resilience, it graces floors and walls with ease, offering versatility in surface finishes. Born from ancient oceans, its subtle hues echo the earth's embrace, occasionally revealing delicate stalactitic formations. Enhanced with crystalline accents, these stones blend utilitarian durability with ornamental allure. Handcrafted in Mexico City, each piece undergoes meticulous shaping, imbuing it with timeless elegance. Fiorito stones: a testament to nature's artistry, enduring beauty, and craftsmanship

This rock specifically has multicolored flecks and inclusions, which enhance its texture.

The precise procedure enhances its physical characteristics


Meta Parallel white

Friorito stone and white powder coated pendant lamp


Origo white

Fiorito rock and opal glass lamp


Meta white

Fiorito stone and white powder coated pendant lamp