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BLOC Barro Negro / black pottery tiles

The depth of the tiles creates a classic, refined and contemporary, yet timeless pattern on the wall. Glossy reflections of Barro Negro are caused by the sharp edges and give the wall a sophisticated look. These tiles are a gorgeous option if you want to create textural spaces. The raised patterns catch attention without being loud. It is creating a distinct, modern pattern by its texture and the natural shine of Barro Negro.

item No. BN14-40 / BN14-41 / BN14-42 size 8,5cm x 8,5cm x 3,5cm
13,5cm x 8,5cm x 3,5cm
17cm x 8,5cm x 3,5cm

3,35" x 3,35" x 1,38"
5,3" x 3,35"x 1,38"
6,7" x 3,35" x 1,38"
weight 0,25 kg
0,55 lb
amount ~ 138 pc. / m²
~ 88 pc. / m²
~ 70 pc. / m²

~ 13 pc. / f²
~ 8 pc. / f²
~ 6 pc. / f²
material Barro Negro / black pottery installation Suitable for all indoor wall applications.
Not suitable for floors or outdoor usage.
Barro Negro is a special pottery from San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca characterized by its black colour. Just in this area the special clay is found for the production. The magic behind this material ...