ambra wall lamp

With an eye catching personality, Ambra is a unique wall lamp that stands out for its minimal, unusual proportions. Its volumes provide an interesting downlight to interior settings by projecting the light onto the wall.

Ambra wall comes with a G9 LED bulb that generates a soft indirect glow. It creates a third visual element on the wall that complements the two cylindrical volumes. Ideal in any space that speaks a direct, minimalist architectural language.

Group arrangements of this lamp, even rotating it into different directions, can turn any wall into a visual interplay.

available 2018

item No. PV002 size Ø 14,5cm x 12cm x 8cm
Ø 5,7" x 4,7" x 3,2"
weight 0,8 kg
1,76 lb
illuminant incl. 1x 3W G9 LED 2700K
260lm not dimmable
cable PVC transparent
extensions on request
material cantera stone and copper finish options special finish on request
Cantera is a rock made out of volcanic ashes and lava. It is a stone broadly used in cities all over Mexico for structures and local architecture, since the prehispanic era and mainly during the colonial time.