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LINO handpainted tiles by Uriarte Talavera

Our modern interpretation of hand-painted tiles open up a world of possibilities. The collection stands out for its simplicity, the beauty of the materials and the handmade process. Each tile is hand-painted by skilled artisans of Uriarte Talavera in Puebla, Mexico. This tile is an ideal option if you are looking for individuality and heritage in traditional craftsmanship. It makes any wall look unique and gives the space a modern yet warm and welcoming atmosphere. This collection is offered in 3 different glazes that can be arranged as desired.

item No. TA903-1 / TA903-2 / TA903-3 size 20cm x 20cm
7,9" x 7,9"
weight 0,7 kg
1,54 lb
amount ~ 25 pc. / m²

~ 2,5 pc. / f²
material hand-painted white pottery installation Suitable for all indoor and outdoor wall and floor applications.
Not suitable for floors in wet areas due to slippery surface.
in collaboration with Uriarte Talavera
Talavera is considered as premium quality pottery in Mexico and also other parts of the world. Talavera pottery has its origins in Puebla, a city in Mexico and is known for ...