barro negro

Barro Negro is a special clay from San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca, characterized by its black colour. Each piece is handmade by skilled Mexican artisans. The special clay is just found in this area. The magic behind this material is the polishing process and the firing which requires a lot of experience, sensitiveness and time. Today just a few families produce Barro Negro pieces and secure their living expenses by selling mainly decorated art sculptures and vases. Our aim is to reinvent this extraordinary artisanry in a contemporary way as well as it is our principle to improve the artisans living situation by creating a professional and constant work environment.

handblown glass

Since 2012 we work with a family company in Hidalgo to develop incredible glassblowing pieces. The difference to industrially manufactured glass is a completely hand driven process. Every piece is made by hand and shows a unique personality. For all of our products we use 100% recycled glass. This creates surprisingly tiny air bubbles inside the glass surface and creates a special appeal combined with light. We use traditional methods together with high quality standards for our products.


Cantera is a rock out of volcanic ashes and lava. It is created through volcanic explosions. This specific type of cantera rosa comes from the regions of San Luis Potosí, Morelia and Zacatecas in Mexico. It is a stone broadly used for structures and local architecture, since the prehispanic era and mainly during the colonial time, in cities all over Mexico. Softness and composition are some of its characteristics which makes it very noble to work with, allowing to carve with precision.

metal spinning

Metal spinning is a process where a metal disc is rotated at high speed and moulded over an existing shape into an axially symmetric object. This procedure does not involve the removal of material, as in wood or metal turning, which reduces immensely the waste volume.

Any ductile metal can be formed by metal spinning, from aluminum or stainless steel, to high-temperature alloys.

We bend the metal discs using hand tools, this process creates irregular bands and waves on the material. The reflections on each metalic surface are unique, you will not find two identical objects.

talavera uriarte

The process to create Talavera is elaborate and has not changed since the early colonial period when the craft was first introduced. Only natural clays found in the area are used. We are proud to work together with Uriarte Talavera on our design objects. The company founded in 1824 is famous all over Mexico for their quality and unique pieces of art. Since 2012 we work together on a series of products and together we challenge the boundaries of artisan and design to create unique objects.

hand weaving

It is a tradition in Mexico to weave products in any product or form. One of the best known is the Acapulco chair that is handwoven out of plastic strings. The strings are produced specially for Studio davidpompa after a process of colour selection. We are working together with a family company with tradition, experience and incomparable quality on our woven collection by Mexican artisans.


Onyx is a type of Chalcedony, similar to Agate, with straight and parallel banding rather than curved bands. It´s caused by the accumulation of volcanic gases. Mexico is one of the biggest mineral deposits of this material.
It is a porous material, known for its hardness and grains, but specially for its translucency, which helps the light pass through the beautiful material, creating a unique shade and light.

Throughout history onyx has been used in jewelry and crafts. Artisans work and sculpt the material with chisel and hammer, creating pieces of every type of size and shape.