Studio davidpompa was born out of
the desire to create contemporary design
with a strong commitment to
Mexican identity & craftsmanship.

The intrigue of finding what is Mexico and
merging it with something new to create
simple and perfect objects, piece by piece.

founded in 2013 with a showroom and
production located in Mexico City

We are a team of designers, engineers and makers based in Mexico and Austria. David Pompa grew up in both countries and studied product design in London. Studio davidpompa's corporate culture is driven by the love for the work we do. The deep respect for materials and craftsmen drives us as a brand to redefine Mexican craft.

The idea to work with Mexican craft started with a trip to Oaxaca in 2009 where David saw artisans work with "Barro Negro" for the first time. He started directly working and experimenting the material which lead to his first collection. Since then, we as a Studio, are committed to Mexican culture and find ourselves on a constant journey to create design objects that are both beautifully crafted and accessible. Challenging the boundaries of culture, product and material is essential when taking a new path to do something truly new. We combine traditional materials and crafts with our passion for perfection.

Materials and Heritage

Mexico is a country rich in culture and art. We work with some of the most exciting materials and talented craftsman which brings the soul to each of our products. Our collections embody the ethos of innovating Mexican craft and materials while respecting its heritage. We are on a constant journey to discover new parts of its culture, finding intriguing aesthetics
to create objects with character.

The materials range from black clay, talavera ceramic, handblown-recycled glass to brass, copper and natural stones. There is a surprising magic in traditional materials when combining them with new techniques and contemporary ideas. When we work with a material, we push the limit of their potential by challenging the ways of production. We don't focus on working with big companies, we have the commitment to partner with the best craftsman, communities and professionals from each field. Collaborations with extraordinary Mexican companies make us proud and drive our creative process to characterful signature pieces.


Our ambition is to create contemporary design with intriguing aesthetics and a conceptual character. The ethos for our collections is to rethink and reinvent Mexican craft while respecting its heritage. We work with a rich palette of materials to create contemporary lighting, tiles and furniture. The products are designed with the aim to create collections that stand over time. We assemble every product by hand in Colonia Roma Norte in the heart beating centre of Mexico City, piece by piece.

We are obsessed with quality and try to share the same philosophy with our craftsman. Together we have the passion to deliver the best possible product. We ship our products directly to clients worldwide and through showrooms. All lights can be used as single pendants or can be assembled by our in-house team to a beautiful, customized and on demand chandelier. We provide 3D visualizations for special chandelier installations and nearly every product can be customized on request.