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Design Week
Mexico 2019

This year it isn´t only about an exhibition, but rather a space that will be turned into an experience, with visitors walking over dark gray volcanic rock stones. This strong contrast between the roughness of the stone and the soft light makes the collection visually sharper.

Saturday and Sunday
5th and 6th October 2019
11:00 – 19:00

Parque Lincoln
Polanco III Sección
11560 Miguel Hidalgo

The Origo collection combines the elegance of light and volcanic rock, creating a unique effect that reveals the relief and contour of recinto. Two spheres that vary in materiality, weight and character and that together create a new visual language.

Studio davidpompa will present two new pieces from the Origo collection. An aesthetic of geometrical lighting that combines volcanic rock with an opal glass diffuser. The effect of the light reflected in the texture of the volcanic rock creates a relationship between light and composition, and an exploration of their interaction.

5th and 6th of
11:00 - 19:00

Origo table
A geometric interaction between volcanic rock and opal glass diffuser. Two geometrical spheres of contrasting yet complementary materials. A compact size made for an intimate moment.


Origo floor
Bringing a new height to a unique collection. Origo floor elevates the opal glass and the volcanic rock to a new perspective. With new proportions, this elegant and tall aesthetic becomes a sculpture on a contemporary stage.


Origo pendant
Geometry in its purest form. Origo embodies opposite essences mirroring volcanic rock and an opal glass diffuser. An exploration of an interaction, light shining onto the texture of the volcanic rock, revealing its relief and contour.


Origo wall
Origo wall lamp structure flips horizontally to bring its shadows and light into a new context. Paring a volcanic rock sphere together with an opal glass diffuser, the contrast and tension between the materials become evident.