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Barro Negro

Pottery from San Bartolo Coyotepec in Oaxaca distinguished by its unique dark black color due to the smoke that gets impregnated into the piece during the firing process.

Vidrio soplado

Recycled handblown glass containing air bubbles in its surface that play with light, creating new compositions of miniature reflections through its texture, enriching the light that shines through.


Recinto also known as volcanic rock is made from lava solidification. Created when lava cools down rapidly on land surface after a volcanic eruption, an icon in Mexican culture.


Chalcedony with unique bands and parallel stripes, a relief rich in tones, depths and transparencies. Its natural color white gives a touch of sophistication and elegance to any minimalistic form.


Our Fiorito is quarried in Puebla, Mexico. A light gray-colored natural stone which encloses small fossil remains, giving it a white tone relief.


Toba volcánica rock, made up of various components of stone origin (rocks, minerals, gases and a large amount of amorphous material), due to its sudden cooling and solidification, shows kinematic traces of flow, deformation and empty vesicles that trapped gases (volatile elements).


Underneath the earth in the desert between Oaxaca and Puebla, a unique texture is being created. Palma moves at a speed almost undetectable for the human eye.

Hand woven PVC

Handweaving inspired from Mayan hammocks. A poetic balance between material and air through the space separating the cords and the metal, a contemporary form.

Red travertino

Travertino natural stone has a unique orange, reddish tone which contains mineral inclusions in light and dark gray as well as in white.

Material irregularities
and natural imperfections

No piece is the same, each piece in our collection represents an honest,
timeless and unique design.