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Cantera rosa

A material used throughout centuries of history defining
its everlasting aesthetic value.

Cantera Rosa is a volcanic rock, formed by a mix between volcanic ash and dust. It is mined exclusively in Mexico and Central America. It is rich in color, texture, durability and softness, allowing a very detailed carving and cutting. It can be found in several natural colors and tones. This authentic characteristic gives it a peculiar aesthetic and strong presence. This volcanic stone is one of its kind. The several tones of speckles are peculiar to Cantera Rosa, making it its signature. Despite being a rock, its color gives it a warm tone. Being easy to work with, smooth and refined finishes are possible. A unique quality of this stone is that it absorbs air and humidity without suffering from expansion. This characteristic together with its extreme durability made it widely used in Mexico from colonial times in architecture, cathedrals and haciendas. Its color varies depending on the region where it is mined, the “rosa” type is found in Zacatecas, a city designated World Heritage for its architecture, most of which is constructed with Cantera Rosa. Cantera Rosa process starts when the deposit is drilled, and the pieces are taken out in a square or rectangular shape. They are then sent to different workshops, where the pieces are sculpted into several forms. It is a tradition widely worked in handcraft workshops with chisel and hammer, techniques being passed from generation to generation. The rock’s aesthetics and textures make it an attractive material for a craft tradition.

Great skill, time and experience are required to work the material.

This rock specifically has multicolored flecks and inclusions, which enhance its texture.

Artisans work the stone passionately, with great care and dedication.


Ambra wall round copper

Cantera rosa stone and copper wall lamp