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Ambra pendant

Ambra double pendant

Ambra wall

Ambra wall round

Ambra table

Ambra pendant white

Ambra double pendant white

Ambra wall white

Ambra wall round white

Ambra table white

Ambra pendant black

Ambra double pendant black

Ambra wall black

Ambra wall round black

Ambra table black


Trufa wall

Trufa table

Print x Savvy Studio

Meta Parallel collection

Meta Parallel brass collection

Palma beige warm grey

Palma beige ochre

Palma green warm grey

Origo white

Origo white wall

Origo white table


Origo wall

Origo table

Origo floor


Meta brass

Meta white

Meta ochre

Lago 40

Lago 22


Can large

Can vase

Can vase




Cupallo brass

Cupallo wall brass

Cupallo vase brass

Cupallo copper

Cupallo wall copper

Cupallo chrome

Cupallo wall chrome

Ambra wall


Amelia black

Caleta large light grey

Caleta medium light grey

Caleta wall light grey

Caleta large dark grey

Caleta medium dark grey

Caleta wall dark grey


Material irregularities
and natural imperfections

No piece is the same, each piece in our collection represents an honest,
timeless and unique design.