RAJO Barro negro / black pottery tiles

The raised patterns catch attention with their reflections without being intrusive. It is creating a distinct, modern pattern by its texture and the natural shine of Barro Negro. The collection of tiles is a gorgeous option if you want to create textural spaces. Each tile is handmade by skilled Mexican artisans from Oaxaca and represents the many possibilities that Barro Negro offers.

Collection consists of 3 different tiles that can be arranged as desired.

item No. BN14-48 / BN14-50 size 10cm x 10cm x 2,5cm
3,9" x 3,9" x 0,98"
weight 0,25 kg
0,55 lb
amount ~ 100 pc. / m²

~ 10 pc. / f²
material Barro Negro / black pottery installation Suitable for all indoor wall applications.
Not suitable for floors or outdoor usage.
Barro Negro is a special pottery from San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca characterized by its black colour. Just in this area the special clay is found for the production. The magic behind this material ...