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Origo table white

6,600 MXN
incl. IVA, excl. shipping

€ 380
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USD 480
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Fiorito and opal glass diffuser
A compact size with a pleasant warm light. Becoming the perfect complement to the Origo pendant, the smooth dimmer allows Origo table to shift from sculpture to table lamp, unveiling its gradient of textures. A balance of shapes that grant an elegant aesthetic through its functionality.

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Lead time

2 - 4 weeks

Handcrafted in


Light source

Incl. 1x 4W G9 LED 350lm 2700K
warm white dimmable


110V / 240V

Textile cable

150cm PVC black / incl. dimmer switch


Fiorito rock and glass opal frosted

Available finishes

special finish on request MOQ 20pc



Rough, dense and grained, the beauty of fiorito is its balance between physics and aesthetics.

A perfect elegant and compact size with a contemporary aesthetic.


Culiacan / Mexico
Interior: AR+YDR Estudio
Photographer: Luis Brito


Our Fiorito is quarried in Puebla, Mexico. A light gray-colored natural stone which encloses small fossil remains, giving it a white tone relief. Its beige tone makes it very easy for use in neutral contemporary projects.


Featured Project


Sinaloa / Mexico
Interior: AR and YDR estudio
Photography: Luis Brito

Mexico City

Mexico City / Mexico
Interior: Rasttro
Photography: Pablo Suarez

Mexico City

Mexico City / Mexico
Interior: : Estefanía Echeguren / Studio de arquitectura y diseño de interior
Photography: Estefania Echeguren


Origo white

Fiorito rock and opal glass lamp


Origo wall white

Fiorito rock and opal glass lamp


Meta white

Fiorito stone and white powder coated pendant lamp


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